Fifth graders attending a sexual ed presentation

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"I don’t think I really come across as a good groupie prospect. It freaks me out, I so don’t feel like that kind of guy… Apparently, you don’t have to be handsome, or tall."

Elliott Smith


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When 5th graders have facebook






shut the heak up kenzie

Who peed in your cheerios this is morning. 

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she breathed something into my heart
it wasn’t refreshing or new like a cold, crisp drink
it was more like a tall glass of beer that you had to drink slow
if you drank it to quick, you would climb to high and fall too fast
sipping slowly would return a warm tasteless liquid that no one wanted

so i found the middleway and slurped
until there was a thin film of foam glazing the glass
i had a short high riddled with considerable depths
i always remember the taste but it was never new, just new to me
i’ve used up all the liquors to forget and now nothing is new again